Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Paper Debuntante Ball

Let's just say a friend of mine is very fond of wrapping paper and has already scored a half a dozen rolls in a handsome selection of patterns and colors from the Container Store, where she failed to notice that of the 128 styles available, 4 patterns (Woodland Village, Winter Trees, Light up the Holidays, and Chilly Dogs if you are still in the market) were printed on recycled paper.

In retrospect she is trying to forgive herself because
a) There was no way to search for "recycled content" on the Container Store's website (the sorting options being price, top-rated, best-sellers, and most relevant) and
b) At least she did not choose a "most relevant" style called Penguins on Ice showing the little guys isolated from each other on broken bits of glacier. (Note: this is not one of the recycled paper styles above.) Sheesh.
c) She is not uninformed about the future recycling of paper. Luckily she steered clear of anything flocked or printed with metallic inks and chose only paper substrates - no foil.
d) Sometime on Christmas day into the paper recycling the wrapping paper will go, with hopes that the de-inking chemicals in their future have been screened for human and environmental health hazards.

All this is going to make her New Year's resolution fairly easy to come up with, so there is that non-printed, purely conceptual silver lining. Happy Holidays to all.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holiday... waste! How to green your wrapping.

WAIT, put down that present.  Apparently an additional 5 million TONS of waste is generated during the holiday season in the US alone.   Here's how to green your wrapping this week...

A few tips from the Daily green (I love their idea of using restaurant menus)!

Treehugger has some of the numbers on all that waste as well as other wrapping ideas.

For a last minute gift that doesn't need wrapping - consider offsetting your friend or family member's holiday travel, or a month's worth of their household energy. A great way to help loved ones start 2011 on a green foot!