Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saving the Kardashians

It’s daylight savings weekend, and if you actually let that extra hour last night between 1 and 2am provide an extra hour of sleep, you could be on your way to a new regimen with many physiological benefits. Develop a habit of getting adequate rest, we’re told, and you could end up with an optimistic mind, operating with better memory in a lean, quick-healing, cancer-resistant body. But why stop there? Snoozing, dozing, hitting the sack, sawing logs, going for a kip - whatever you call it when you call it a night - generally involves lights out. Not to mention sleep mode for all of our appliances. While good sleepers may be seeking only to conserve their own resources for optimal performance, they can also claim to be reducing their daily contribution to global warming and light pollution. Not a bad return for not keeping up with the Kardashians.
But let’s say most of us just used that hour to stay up an hour later to finish watching the Netflix video that stood between us and the next one in our line up. And when darkness arrives at 4pm each following day, it will in no way signal a winding down of our activities, as darkness may once have done in oil-lamp-lit agrarian societies. The midnight oil (in actuality the midnight coal) just starts burning an hour earlier, igniting the argument for doing away with daylight savings, in deference to saving the planet.
So, if you did enjoy that extra hour of sleep on November 7, you are entitled to feel a little more in sync with the natural order. Why not consider whether you might indulge in a few more winks in the months to follow? Think of it as tuning into your inner hibernating, migrating, or mud-burrowing DNA, depending on which branch of evolution you identify most with. And if, in following these instincts, you happen to miss an important episode for Kourtney, Kim and Kloe, remember: there’s always hulu.

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