Sunday, November 21, 2010

The message(s) from Greenbuild

Greenbuild 2010 is over. Here are a few things I felt were the defining "messages" to take away this year:

1) Radical transparency... again this year. Last year it was a new-ish idea. This year it is becoming the norm; if manufacturers want to maintain credibility and trust with consumers, they need to "give it up" - (the information on their products, that is).  Soon "No data=No Market" will define the losers in this push.  The most popular quote (in at least 2 presentations this year): "Transparency breeds self-correcting behavior." -Adml. Thad Allen

2) LCA, LCA, LCA... life-cycle assessments come to US soil in a big way.  We saw it coming, now its here and there is NO turning back.

3) Eco-logos/product certifications will give way to LCAs and EPDs. I don't think this is necessarily a good thing, but perhaps the proliferation of eco-logos will finally slow down. Using LCA data as a comparative tool is quite problematic, but architects, specifiers, consumers are saying they want it. We'll see if they really do want that much data. It will certainly feed the desire for transparency, but some consumers already feel overwhelmed and want less data, not more. How to please everyone??

4) Mergers are all over the place.  UL Environment and Terra Choice, Pharos and Green Spec databases, and some other ones not quite announced so I will keep mum for now...

5) Federal agencies are "going green" apparently in a bigger way. GO!

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